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Digital Signage Design & Management

Digital signage is the ability to show any type of media on a digital display. Digital signage is everywhere - the mall, restaurants, hospitals, universities, and lobbies. It’s a great tool for marketing a new product, promoting brand awareness, communicating with staff or students, and engaging just about any audience in your space.

Every Digital Signage Project Has Four Components:
1. Software - A content management software (CMS) is what allows you to show content on your Display. Content management software can range in price and abilities. Many CMS’s are paid as monthly or yearly services. Certain CMS’s will only allow you to show limited types of content, while others can show a variety of content from text, images, video, webpages, social media, and more.
2. Hardware - These are the physical pieces of the project like the Display, media player, wall mounts (if needed).
3. Content - This is what you show on your Display. It can be text, images, video, calendars, and more. 
4. Strategy - This is the plan we will use to help you ensure your project is a success.

If you don’t have an extensive team in place to help you design your signage and manage your digital signage system and content, we offer services that will fill in the gaps and allow you to get the most of out your digital signage.

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